Osteo & Athritis

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

In order for Joints to remain healthy, they need an un-impeded supply of new nutrients, as well as an un-obstructed route for waste removal. When these two requirements are met, most synovial joints in the body will remain healthy. When there are excess tensions, fasical degradation, and stiffness that are effecting the joint, the joint will then not be able to regenerate properly nor will it be able to dispose of inflammatory wastes when they begin. As a result, the joint begins to rot. When treating arthritis or joint rot, an osteopath works to release muscle tensions around the affected joint, helping to improve movement as well as encourage blood and lymph flow in the area to reduce inflammation and pain. More effectively, the osteopath will help you establish a relationship with your tension in order to improve your own awareness of circulation difficulties in your own body.

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