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Tina Haller 

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

We are happy to be allied with Tina Haller. Tina has been integral to the health and happiness of residents in the Caledon area and now she also brings her strategies globally. Tina is a passionate coach who's aptitude for listening gives her the edge needed to help her clients make the necessary moves in their lives to reduce stress and make more room for health and happiness. Tina offers 15 min consultations which you can book below. 

What can you expect working with Tina?

During the coaching process, you will gain insight into where you are getting “stuck” and what obstacles are preventing you from completing your goals, and I will create a tangible step by step plan, designed uniquely for you, so that your dreams become your new reality.


I will ask the powerful questions that will challenge your deepest thoughts that are creating the obstacle preventing you from reaching your goals.


I will help bridge the gap to take you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. The solution is within us all; we just need to know how to bring it to the surface.


The powerful alliance we will develop will empower you to move forward toward success with greater strength, confidence, and optimism and away from overwhelm, anxiety and fear.

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