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"I think it's really cool how you can feel whats happened to my body, its like my body is telling you a story and you're just a really good listener" Michael,  Bolton


Osteopathic Manual Practitioners identify, assess, and treat the body’s structures and rhythms using a gentle, hands-on approach. This fundamental technique is called osteopathic palpation.  Osteopathic palpation is a skill referred to as the ability to “listen”. Listening is a skill developed over time and practice as the practitioner builds the sensitivity in their hands that allows them to pick up on vital information about the state of the body’s tissues.


All Osteopathic techniques are used in a coordinated and rational method decided by the practitioner to slowly adjust the patient’s anatomy towards normal. The strategy used by the practitioner is always unique for two main reasons. Every osteopathic practitioner is different and every system they encounter is different.  Osteopathic practitioners evaluate what they palpate, and treat what they find. This unique and personalized process helps the body re-organize itself and thereby allows the inherent healing to begin

The treatments are commonly beneficial for any type of illness, injury or stress including: headaches, neck pain, backaches, neuromusculoskeletal tensions, conditions of the head, eyes, ears, nose, throat, and those of digestion and elimination. Treatments are effective at softening scar tissue due to evasive surgeries and reorganizing sensitive structures like the uterus or bladder.

Osteopathy is safe, efficient and most importantly, effective. 


Initial Consultation

and Treatment 

90 min appointment 


In order for your Osteopathic manual practitioner to be able to create and administer an appropriate treatment plan, they need to determine the origin and effects of pain, aging, trauma and other experiences you may have. This process begins with a conversation with you regarding your health history and the current state of your being. This is followed by a complete osteopathic assessment and treatment. 

Please wear comfortable loose clothing for this appointment. You may bring all previous diagnostics you have available although it is not necessary. 

Price List 

60 Min Follow up     114

45 Min Follow up       94

30 MIn Follow up       72

Senior 80 + 60 min  100

Kids 10 and under

30 min app               60