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To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease. – A.T. Still MD, DO Philosophy of Osteopathy

Any variation from the health has a cause, and the cause has a location.  It is the business of the osteopath to locate and remove it (the cause), doing away with disease and getting health instead.                                                       – A. T. Still MD, DO, Osteopathy Research and Practice

Before you can go out in the world and fight the fight, you must master human anatomy and physical laws.                       — A.T. Still MD DO

An osteopath is only a human engineer, who should understand all the laws governing his engine and thereby master disease.   -A.T. Still MD DO Autobiography

An osteopath must know the shape and positions of every bone in the body, as well as that part to which every ligament and muscle is attached.  He must know the blood and the nerve supply.  He must comprehend the human system as and anatomist, and also from a physiological standpoint.  He must understand the form of the body and the workings of it.  That is a short way to tell what an osteopath must know.   – A. T. Still MD DO Autobiography

An osteopath is taught that Nature is to be trusted to the end.  – A.T. Still MD, DO, Autobiography

God is the Father of Osteopathy, and I am not ashamed to be a child of His mind.  –A.T. Still MD, DO, Autobiography 

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