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Karoline was recommended to my daughter by my fitness trainer.  My daughter, in her early 20s, had pelvic issues that significantly reduced her quality of life.  She already went through various specialists and invasive tests with no real solutions, just band aid ‘drugs’.  She was mentally down when I encouraged her to see Karoline.  She connected with Karoline from the first appointment as they had common sports backgrounds and Karoline took lots of time to listen to the complete history of when her various symptoms started (as young as about 7).   After only a few treatments, my daughter is feeling 90 percent better and has now also taken a more holistic approach to her health as well (yoga, nutrition, etc).   With her success, I decided to go to Karoline to help me improve my restrictive shoulder due to a partial torn rotator cuff injury that was about 7 months old.  She was the first practitioner to apply specific physical (hands on) manipulation needed to break though the lack of mobility.  I had already had massages and visits to my doctor, physiotherapists and chiropractor without much success.  With only two visits, I have most of my shoulder rotation back and able to do yoga sun salutations again!  Karoline takes her work seriously but she also has a sense of humour too.   


I was in a lot of pain and slowly becoming immobile after many surgeries.  A lot of back pain as well as pain throughout my body due to Fibromyalgia. As well as multiple auto immune diseases. 
I’d tried many things, spent thousands and thousands on Physio, drugs, Chiropracter, reflexology, swim therapy, braces, and other Osteopaths. 
I got my life back 😁 so much of my pain is finally gone, Karoline even helped my with my Ulcerative Colitis, straightening out my intestines! 
She’s gotten all of my body straightened out and actually working, freeing me from pain and aches.  She’s truly given me a life back I’ve gone from fearing never moving again to being fully mobile.


I had a constant neck issues that was an old sports injury that I had learned to live with. I had previously spent years on and off with Massage Therapy and never had any success.
Never really understood what Osteopathy was but wanted to try anything as I had no success with RMT, Karoline has this amazing skill that’s hard to describe.  She has a connection with your body and seeks out the root cause of your issue and has amazing technique to help the healing process !I have only been with Karoline for 3 months and my fix is not a quick one but she has me well on the way with great treatments and a plan to get me to a healthy lifestyle again. Karoline is a unique person she spends the time to understand what’s happening to you and goes the extra mile to ensure a healthy success she’s a special health care professional !
My 3 benefits with Karoline are :
1) her amazing techniques
2) her dedication to your healing process 
3) her in-depth knowledge of the human body
If you’ve ever wondered about Osteopath treatment, one session with Karoline will convince you. You only have to visit any business to realize who loves there job and who doesn’t don’t take my word for it, visit Karoline you’ll see.


I started my treatments with Karoline in the spring of 2016.  After running the Boston marathon I had restriction and immense pain in my hip.  I had been seeing various chiropractors and sports physiotherapists for over 4 years with no improvement.  These practitioners  just focused on stopping the immediate symptoms and hooking me up to machines but not on the cause of the restriction and pain. Karoline's treatments had a whole body approach and looked at the areas leading to the hip as well as the hip itself.  With treatments and assigned stretches I started feeling better within a few months. My hip is now pain free.


 Other benefits of Karoline's treatments were overall relaxation of my body, better digestion, and more mobility in my back as she worked on this area as well in relation to my hip.


I would recommend osteopathy over other therapies due to the hands on and whole body approach. Even though my benefits plan did not cover osteopathy I still chose this method over other covered methods because it worked.


I fell and broke my Humerus bone in my left arm that required surgery to fix. Eight weeks after recovering from the surgery I was given the go ahead to begin physiotherapy.  I went to physiotherapy three times a week for four months. I wasn’t seeing the kind of results I was expecting/hoping for. I was still in constant pain, couldn’t lift or really straighten my arm. To make matters worse, I am left handed.

A friend told me that I should try Osteopathy. She had been a patient of Karoline Kaminski and highly recommended her.

I was instantly impressed. I had all of her focus on me. I wasn’t just one of a group of people in a room. After the initial assessment we got right to work. I started to see Karoline twice a week for four weeks and then spread out the visits after that. The appointment times were very accommodating. I was able to schedule appointments on line, where you can clearly see when she was available and when she wasn’t.

Initially my pain level was at a constant level six.  After a couple of visits I started to feel the release. Karoline would focus on each muscle and explain how they are connected and how they all worked together. After releasing one, we would start on the next. I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy. I was still hurting after my first initial visits, but I went home and applied ice and heat, and did my follow up exercises. Within six weeks my pain level went from a constant six to the occasional two. After 4 months of treatment,  I am pain free and ....I am golfing again! 

As a result of the Osteopathy, I think I am more aware of my own body, my whole body. I am able to deal better in stressful situations, relax and take deep breaths.

I still see Karoline once a month. I but the focus is no longer just about my shoulder, it’s about my total body wellness.


I began seeing Karoline 8 months ago after experiencing chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, ribs, back and hips for over a year. I have seen RMT’s, physiotherapists and chiropractors in the past and a friend suggested that I try osteopathy and specifically recommended Karoline.  She has been working diligently to free up fascial restrictions to help improve my mobility and ease pain.  Karoline is very knowledgeable, hardworking and is genuinely invested in getting results for her clients.  I would highly recommend Karoline to anyone living with a pain condition.  Laura


Stephen is a skilled and intuitive massage therapist.  He is incredibly professional and knowledgeable of the human body and is an excellent communicator when preparing treatment plans.  He is the best massage therapist I have ever experienced.  I met him first as a student at Kikkawa College and have been thankful to receive his services ever since.  Steven is a true healer with a beautiful soul. - Jessica Mason  

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