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Shekia Francis

Functional Training Coach/ Kinesiologist 


Shekia is passionate about helping adults 50+ maintain independence as they age, by keeping their brains and bodies functioning optimally. 

Shekia's strengths include but are not limited to helping restore shoulder and hip functional range of movement. She is well trained to give online cues that will help you both gain greater awareness of your own movement while stimulating your cognitive abilities. Shekia believes that if you don't use it, you lose it. She definitely makes you use it! Both brain and body training, clients are always happy with Shekia's standards of practice but most of all, with the results. 

Shekia provides. one-on-one, group, clinic, in-home and online virtual services. You can visit her website by clicking below 

or email her directly



Harvard University – Neuroscience Certification

Western University- Registered Kinesiologist

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Coach

Certified Personal Trainer

Cardiology Technologist

FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms)

Dementia Care Training Certification

Active Aging Certification

Healthcare Provider (BLS) CPR Certification

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