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Indoor Yoga

Pelvic Floor Yoga

Pelvic Floor Yoga is Your Journey back to a Healthy Base

Pina Marino is a RSSW and Counsellor (Registered OCSWSSW) as well as a
certified RYT550 yoga instructor. Pina loves teaching Yoga Nidra, Yin and
Restorative yoga classes and has led YTT Cakra instruction for 200 hour yoga
teacher training series. Her passion is healing and yoga as a lifestyle and she
loves to explore the intersection of yoga, health and wellness. She has worked
extensively with persons experiencing trauma, chronic pain and sleep issues.
Pina’s mission is to help women and female identifying individuals embrace
and embody their energy by healing the sacral chakra and addressing pelvic
issues through Pelvic Floor YogaTM. She can help with womb healing following
trauma or childbirth and pelvic pain or incontinence in the male or female
body. Pina believes the sacral area is not a place to hold pain or fear but joy, creativity and power.

An avid yogi, she has joyfully practiced yoga and meditation for many years and facilitates workshops related to self-care, resilience, pelvic health and the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

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