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Stephen's Testimonials

Stephen's Testimonials

Jessica M, Toronto

Stephen is a skilled and intuitive massage therapist.  He is incredibly professional and knowledgeable of the human body and is an excellent communicator when preparing treatment plans.  He is the best massage therapist I have ever experienced.  I met him first as a student at Kikkawa College and have been thankful to receive his services ever since.  Steven is a true healer with a beautiful soul.

Jennifer A, Bolton

I was referred to Stephen by my Osteopath Karoline, she told me that Stephen is not like any other massage therapist, and she was right. When I arrived at my first appointment, I felt an instant connection. He is so kind and has such a calming way about him that you feel relaxed just being in his presence. He always checks to make sure you are comfortable and goes above and beyond to ensure you are happy with the techniques and pressure he is using. I have been seeing him regularly over the past 9 months and he has helped me so much. I suffer from migraines, general tension and have had a couple muscle strains he has helped me with. I have recommended him to family and friends, and they have all had wonderful experiences. His takes the time to listen to you and always offers different techniques he has studied to address things like digestive issues, prenatal massage and facial releases. Stephen takes great pride in his work and you can feel it in his treatment, he genuinely wants to help people. I find that Stephen’s massage techniques are a great compliment to the osteopath treatments from Karoline. I found Karoline by chance, I could not find anyone who could relieve my constant neck pain. I tried massages, bi-weekly trips to the chiropractor and no relief. I wanted to try something new and the day I met Karoline everything changed. When I arrived I new nothing about Osteopathy or what she was going to do, it was a whole new experience for me. Karoline connected with me and immediately found the root of my pain, I was in such awe of her and how she could find something so fast that years of different treatments couldn’t. Since then I have learned so much about my body, Karoline takes the time to explain and demonstrate what your body is going through and how to relieve the tension. I absolutely love her as a person, her knowledge and treatments. She is truly unreal and if you haven’t tried Osteopathy you are missing out. I honestly can say every concern or issue I have looked to Karoline or Stephen for help with has been treated successfully. So, thank you both

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